Frequently asked questions

Am I commited to lessons once I book a tutor?

No, the tutor will call you within 12 hours of the booking to confirm it. If you wish to cancel the booking, you may do so during the phone call without any hestiation.

Is there a trial period?

Yes, after the first lesson you may decide whether you want to continue with the tutor. If you choose to discontinue, you may do so by informing the tutor as well as Bright Pear Tutors. The lesson will be free of charge if you have booked with another tutor.

What if I can't find a tutor in my area?

Make your tutor request on our live chat option on the right bottom corner. Tell us where you need a tutor and we will find one for you in no time! Skip all the tedious process of having a tutor recommended to you. Help yourself :)

How does the pricing compare?

Bright Pear Tutors provides access to quality tutors available at prices that are affordable while ensuring that every tutor is of individual quality to those who seek it. Additionally, we like to promote the teachers and retired teachers with a vast amount of experience and resources. Their tutoring comes at an escelated price for the obvious reason: their experience, their knowledge, and their resource collections. Nevertheless, these prices remain competitive.

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