Born and raised in Russia I was always passionate about design. My mom was a very creative person and looking back to my childhood, I think this is where my design journey started.

I travelled all around the world, lived in different countries, and I totally fell in love with Melbourne and people surrounding me.

After completing two fashion design courses at universities, I finally have a stable conceptual idea to open an online made-to-order studio.

So what is the concept of my idea?
No mass fashion!

Each piece is available in a limited edition only, depending on the fabric availability.
I believe that using just natural fabrics is a good way to an ethical and sustainable future.
Right care will increase longevity and preserve the beautiful view of your garment.

And I know that the right design approach and special detail in every garment will make you love your cloth and keep it in your wardrobe forever.

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We are concerned about our planet and we use only natural fiber content.


We are happy to adjust your ordered garments according to your body measurements.

We believe in quality over quantity. All our dresses are exclusive and limited.

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